In business, as in life, you get just one chance to make a good first impression. And that impression is virtually impossible to change once it’s made.

The graphic design of your direct marketing literally reflects your company. It is your opportunity to make a first as well as maintain an ongoing good impression with your audience. If the graphics are compelling, your direct marketing will communicate the right message to the audience. If the graphics are high quality, the subtle implication is that your product or service is also high quality. If the artwork is creative and innovative, perception dictates that so must be the direct marketing originator.

Visual images are constantly competing for our attention, entertaining us, or trying to persuade us in some way. Quality graphic design is the great differentiator in marketing. It can make your direct marketing stand out from the deluge of competitive material your customers receive every day.

Effective graphic design conveys a real sense of your business in a visual and non-verbal manner. Graphic design should always reinforce your branding efforts. It should also enhance the readability of your message. A knowledgeable graphic designer will select the right colors, fonts, typefaces, and imagery to create a lay out that guides your audience in reading and interpreting your messages as you intended.

Images can be incredibly powerful and compelling tools of communication, conveying not only information but also moods and emotions. People respond to images on a more visceral level than just words alone. The effective use of graphics can fortify the copy and make your customer respond to your offer.

In working with a graphic artist, review the following campaign elements to ensure your message is illustrated effectively and your program remains on course:

Characteristics of your targeted audience
Short and long term goals of your direct mail efforts
Desired action of your customers to specific mailing
Budgetary parameters
Availability of company logos, photography, illustrations, etc.
Branding guidelines

As always, Lee Weiner is at your service for graphic design support. Our graphic designers are available to lend their expertise to all your requirements, including direct mailings, magazines, advertisements, product packaging, web design and all other consultation services.