Making the right offer is as important as targeting the right audience. Every direct marketing effort you initiate should include at least one irresistible offer. It is the catalyst to get your clients to respond. It is also a way of demonstrating your appreciation for their business which helps enhance your ongoing relationship.

So, just how do you make them an offer they can’t refuse? Here’s a few proven techniques:

1) Make it valuable.

Again, perception is everything. Will your customer view your offer as valuable? It may be inexpensive to you, but it should be perceived as having a relatively high value to your client. For example, a $100 gift card or electronic gadget is an inexpensive way for you to land a $10,000 account.

2) Make it relevant.

Make an offer that helps your targeted audience save time, money, or resources. Not only will it increase response rates, a carefully chosen offer will also demonstrate your in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs.

3) Make it specific.

Don’t be coy or vague about your offer. Make it specific and tangible. Remember, inviting a customer to visit your website is not an offer. Be clear and explicit about what they can expect.

4) Make it exclusive.

Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of Variable Data Technology (VDT) to enhance your response rate. By making the marketing personal and implying your customer is one of an exclusive group, you are further enhancing the perceived value of your offer and your service or product.

5) Make it credible.

Only offer what you can deliver. Some offers are simply too good to be true. A bogus offer is counterproductive. Actually, free information is often as valuable as free service or products. If you can offer expert advice and serve in a consultative manner, you can being laying the foundation for a very successful relationship with your client.

6) Make it easy.

The whole purpose of the offer is to engage your customer. The harder you make it for your prospects to take advantage your offer, the lower your response rate. Keep it simple. Clearly state what they need to do and prominently show your toll-free phone number or other means of obtaining the offer.

7) Guarantee

Make the offer irresistible to the prospect with a guarantee. This guarantee should cover the costs of their investment and when possible give them more back. The offer and guarantee will make the prospects decision to move forward a no brainer. For example: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund 100% of your money plus $500.