Variable Data Technology or VDT (also known as Variable Information) has been proven to boost Direct Marketing response rates by double to triple digits. So why isn’t everyone taking advantage of this technology? Because not everyone is aware of the incredible prowess of digital technology.

The principle behind VDT’s success is really very simple. That is, people just naturally respond better to their own names. It’s a proven scientific fact. So, if the decision maker at your targeted company is named Charlie Client, a direct marketing piece addressed to “Hello Charlie” is going to grab his attention a lot quicker than one of hundreds, if not thousands, addressed to “Dear Recipient” or “Hi Customer”.

Using someone’s name is a valuable asset in both the business and social arenas. It helps you build instant rapport with new prospects, and conveys your interest in a customer’s unique requirements. It can also demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your client’s specific needs in the body of the direct marketing piece.

There are numerous levels of VDT. The most basic level involves changing the salutation or name on each piece from “Dear Customer” to “Dear Charlie” or whatever your client’s actual name is as noted above. More customized uses 'versioning'. This is where a powerful customer database will enable you to alter your text, offer, message, images and call to action to appeal to very specific requirements. So, the more robust, up-to-date and accurate your customer database, the more effective you can make your personalized message.

You can even vary your offer from one piece to another based upon your knowledge of a client’s specific requirements. Variable Data Technology creates an unprecedented synergy between digital outputs and computer databases to produce personalized, full color, customer focused pieces.

The fact is, mass production of a static, one-size-fits-all promotions is no longer effective. Lee Weiner can help you get personal with your client base and develop a long, mutually beneficial relationship.